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Ursula Stone's 
The Flower Bank Hub
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Since Autumn 2016 Ursula's been working as the Flower Bank from her kitchen table. As The Flower Bank's reputation is spreading, she desperately needs premises, which will become a genuine community hub for floral training, re-skilling & produce exchange where she will be able to work with volunteers & young offenders making sales directly to the public.

Her project will allow her to deliver:

  • An attractive new location on the High Street

  • Day and evening classes in floral craft and design

  • A reduction in supermarket waste

  • An ethos of zero waste

  • Linkages with other local charities who support the work of The Flower Bank

  • Work experience for young offenders

  • A location for the sale of seasonally grown produce

  • Community run help desk providing gardening and growing tips

  • Occasional talks on horticultural matters

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Ursula on

You and Yours

Ursula Stone created the Flower Bank whilst a mature student studying floristry at Capel Manor Horticultural College. The Flower Bank reduces flower and foliage wastage by taking unwanted, past their sell by date, produce from a number of supermarkets in North London. 


She then weeds out unusable material and with a bit of expert alchemy turns these into beautiful gifts for disadvantaged sectors of the community in Barnet and Haringey. The Flower Bank is a social enterprise and a CIC, set up to help improve the life chances of specific groups such as young offenders by teaching them horticultural and social skills.

The Flower Bank has 6 Trustees who meet quarterly and are responsible for the oversight and direction of the Flower Bank’s activities. The Director is responsible for the day to day running of The Flower Bank and liaison with the Flower Bank’s volunteers. They have received financial support from UnLtd, Awards for All and Barnet Council.

"We make best use of plants and flowers donated by supermarkets to improve the areas where people live and work - focusing to date on care homes for the elderly and those with dementia.  


We have also created a cutting garden with the help of young offenders using the donated plants and seeds in Seven Sisters, N15.  We plan to use the flowers and foliage we grow in arrangements that we make for the community."



Why it's such an

amazing idea:


"This project is unique, no-one else is working with supermarkets to help reduce their floral waste in a positive way for the benefit of the community. Working with flowers is incredibly therapeutic. The scent and colour of the flowers have helped evoke positive memories for the dementia patients I run activities with.


Young Offenders have developed a new sense of calmness and learned a new set of skills. Feedback from people with mental health issues reveals that their experience has boosted their self esteem and mood.


Realising the Flower Bank Hub will be the next step in the development of this project. I envisage that the hub will become a community asset and centre of creativity for N11.


The proposed shop is perfectly located midway between the boroughs of Barnet and Haringey and will serve both existing clients and win a whole new audience. It will tap into the growing community spirit in Friern Barnet and bring fresh ideas and energy to the area."


These are the steps to get it done:

  • Hit the target

  • Fit out, renovate and re-decorate the shop

  • Hold open days for public and press detailing programme of activities and events

  • Start serving the community


Help us achieve our target by donating through our Spacehive page here.

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buying a sculpture 

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the project


sculptures for sale

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