My Process

From my collection of metal, accumulated over 30 years, I choose a primary form as the starting point for a sculpture. I then introduce:

shapes | tones | textures



I work with each piece in turn, revealing its individuality and beauty by:

cutting | sanding | polishing

A sculpture becomes bigger than the sum of its parts once those parts are welded together. Motifs and forms that I love become signature elements and repeat throughout my work. These include:

spheres | crescents | curves | words

Other materials can be introduced, including:

glass | wood | stone

I combine these influences to create an individual sculpture. To show the client my designs, I can:

draw | make maquettes | 3D model

For commissions and themed work,

I design the primary forms. Inspired

by the client's theme or their environment, I work with:

images | words | objects



These methods allow the client to approve the design before it is made. 

Intricate details can be added using:

laser | waterjet | engraving | etching

Historically I would make all my sculptures in my studio in Kent  but since relocating to north London, on larger scale works, I now also work with a team of  expert affiliates: 


Production & Installation

Timeline and delivery for a piece is entirely dependent on the design and the client deadline. Clients can collect or delivery is arranged by agreement.

design | agree | produce | deliver

Installation is also dependent on the design and size of the piece. Some require professional installation. Others can be positioned and secured by the client.

agree | install |  admire