Creation Collaborations 

Pooling skills enable me to broaden the scope of my projects. For more than ten years I have brought in additional creative talent when required.

Graphic Designers | Artists | Illustrators  

Photographers | Architects

Glass | Textile and Letter Carving Artists


In addition to that, the creative input extends to the manufacturing and installation team.  In these areas, relationships have been built, all good ideas go into the mix.


Using a handpicked team to deliver the brief.

The latest project of this nature is the stand design for CU Phosco.  

Thank you for coming down looking forward to collaborating with you, Anne and Danielle over the coming months.

Nicola Marques-Butler | Head of Marketing

CU Phosco Lux Live 2018

I was initially approached to make a scrap metal sculptural centrepiece for their 2018 Lux Live Stand.  


For five years Phosco have been raising the bar with their stand designs with brilliant and original themes and developed a good working process to refine their ideas. 

When I went to CUPhosco I was struck by their individuality and vision, with such a strong history and being a family business it seemed unique. Two people jumped out to me as being ideal for delivering in that context, so I suggested to Nicola that I get a team together and we work on stand concepts, not just a sculpture.  And she said yes!

Paula Barnard-Groves | sculptor 43

Danielle Barnard | Architect

Anne Griffiths | Installation Artist 

Infinity Room

The secret room within the

CU Phosco stand.