Bespoke Commissions

Here are  just some of the bespoke commissions I have had the pleasure and privilege to  create. I truly believe that art nurtures and feeds the soul and is meant for everyone, from all walks of life. My commissions prove this to be true;  they include pieces for schools, solicitors, a hairdresser, council, private gardens and even a care home, like the one for Hawkinge House, in the first example below. 

If you'd like to discuss an idea, do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

Hawkinge House
Hawkinge House Care Home | Entrance Sculpture | 2011


The brief was to take inspiration from The Battle of Britain.  

I took this theme and added the love of coming home. The sculpture features two homeward bound bombers in a loop the loop. The vapour trails of the planes have an aerial view of the fields of Hawkinge etched into them.


Hawkinge aerial view drawings: Rob Turner

Thomas Aveling School

Thomas Aveling School | Entrance Sculpture | 2010


During a  week-long workshop with a select group of pupils, they created images and designs that I used to design the entrance sculpture for the school.  It was an amazing project with some wonderfully talented and engaged young people.


Photographer  and workshop partner: Simon Pruciak

Computer 3D images: Jolanta Jasiulionyte


Hair Professional



Hair Professional | Wall Sculpture | 2008

Working with the interior designer, we gained approval from the Designs Guild to use the wallpaper used in the redesign of the salon, as the motif for her artworks. 


With the wall sculptures are positive and negative cut-outs of the same image.  They were positioned on opposite walls and could be seen in all of the mirrors running along the walls of the salon.

Denniss Matthews Solicitors



Denniss Matthews Solicitors | Wall Sculpture | 2008

Wall sculpture, corner bench, planting, lights and screen painting.

I designed many elements to transform a small courtyard at the company’s London offices into a usable and enjoyable area for staff, optimising the small space available.

Well that was quite a view when I came in this morning.  Absolutely brilliant.  

It looks even better than your photos of it in your studio.

Thank you very much

Oliver Denniss | Denniss Matthews Solicitors

Well that was quite a view when I came in this morning.  Absolutely brilliant.  

It looks even better than your photos of it in your studio.

Thank you very much

Oliver Denniss | Denniss Matthews Solicitors

Nucleus Art Centre

Nucleus Art Centre | Street Signage | Entrance Sculpture | Centre Signage | 2007



A three phased roll out of design and installation to suit the clients budget.  

The project ran over a 3 year period and finished with wayfinder signage.

The sculptures main crescent form was used for the logo design for Nucleus Art Centre which also represented a sweep of an artists brush.



e2v | Entrance Sculpture | 2007


Created in celebration of their 60 year anniversary and leading to the newly redesigned entrance to the Global Headquarters of e2v (formerly Marconi), the design incorporates the wording - 60 Years of Bright Ideas

Thomas Deacon Academy
Diamond Light Source



Diamond Light Source | Atrium Sculpture | Commemorative Plaque | 2007



Unveiled by Her Majesty The Queen for the official opening ceremony of the synchrotron Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire.


The sculpture takes elements and details from the building's unique architectural design.


The sculpture that Paula delivered is stunning, inspirational and relevant.  We are delighted with the way the piece reflects the architecture and the science delivered by Diamond.  It is the result of a close partnership between the artists and the organisation.  Best described as series of super microscopes, Diamond hosts cutting-edge research stations, supporting the life, physical and environmental sciences. This is just one example of how through art, Diamond wants to highlight the work of the synchrotron, so that the public get to know more about the science that we do in a creative and accessible way.

Isabelle Boscaro-Clarke | Head of Communications 

Rochester Visitor Centre
Whittaker Family Sculpture



Whittaker Family Sculpture |  2012

Place Me Like A Seal Over Your Heart - A sculpture inspired by the love, bond and faith within this families life. This piece is situated in the garden of their family home.


Lettercarving: Pip Hall

As Salaam


As Salaam | Garden Sculpture | 2010 

Peace be Upon You - A Garden sculpture inspired by the love and beauty of language and faith.  


Calligraphy: Nick Stewart




Orbit | Entrance Sculpture | 2005

Sculpture made to grace the entrance into a beautiful countryside property.

Barn Sculpture

Barn Sculpture | 1995

A garden sculpture, made from a collection of metal found in the old barn, which the client converted to be their family home in 1977. 

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3D Basic Computer Image.

1 of 5 choices for the planning team to choose from. Drawing by Jolanda Jasiulionyte.